Saturday, 23 February 2013

Like 1 buy all

I have an habit when I shop, which is when I like something I tend to buy all the colours of that thing I like.

I try really hard to stop this and buy different things/different colours, not same things/different colours.

What is your shopping habit?

**Bought the bags from aliexpress**

**The shoes/boots are from** (Bought the lime & pink heels, red boots, intending to get the other colours but the boots are not nice on me, I've got skinny ankles and they just look massive on me)

A Quarter of A Century Old

Yeah!!! It was my birthday yesterday and I turned 25!!! Lawd I'm getting old, I think I/everyone says that every year.

Any ways, I wanted to celebrate quietly as I just wanted something different, nothing too fancy.

Knew my Mr would be planning something, told him I didn't want nothing fancy and wouldn't mind going bowling instead.

He intended to take me to BamBrazil, we got there around 2ish and it was packed, I didn't understand how it was packed like that on a Friday!!! Turns out its half term, kids are off school and families are out. The waitress was a bit.... not sure what the word is I'm looking for but she just said, is it just you two, oh sorry there are no tables available and walked off, I was like really!!! What happened to - Sorry we are busy, next table won't be available for another 30 to 50mins??? And we decide if we want to wait or leave. She definitely gave no option but to leave. The Mr already said he isn't going back there, can't be dealing with rude, probably untrained staff.

We decided to go to VivaBrazil, I thought there were a sister restaurant but there are two different restaurant with very similar ideas.

I'm not much a drinker, tend always go for a lemonade or Smirnoff, decided to let my hair loose a bit and ordered a PiƱa colada, only because the ingredient seemed sweet. I was expecting it to come in some fancy glass, nah it came...... Check the picture, I was surprised myself.

I did enjoy myself, got home full, didn't even snack on nothing the whole evening.

Looking forward to what Mr has planned for today!!

Have you been to BamBrazil or VivaBrazil, what are you thoughts, would you go again?