Thursday, 17 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!!


I know, I know... I'm well late....... I can explain. 

It's been like forever since I last posted any thing on my blog, I have been sick on and off and I'm actually off work now sick.

Anyways, thought an update of some kind was in other, I am currently down with Vertigo which isn't a fun experience. 

Whilst I'm house bound, I'm doing what I do best, watch youtube, tv and SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!!!

I have taken my time at home to window shop online but ended up buying a few things. Will try do a haul if I'm able to. 

I was looking through my pictures and notice some difference in my weight, I added a little weight last summer but didn't know how bad it was even though number wise, it isn't massive, my weight mainly tends to travel to my face, tummy and arms!!!

I promise to try and atleast update my blog more frequently as I start to feel a bit better.

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