Saturday, 31 March 2012

Start of Spring

Hey lovely people, hope everyone is doing fine.

I am doing ok, but haven't been great as I haven't been feeling too good for the last 2 weeks. Anyways on to the good stuff.

I went on holiday to Centre Parc (Sherwood Forest). Fortunately the weather was wonderfully great reaching 22 degrees which is very rare in the month of March in the UK as its the start of spring which comes with loads of rain.

On Monday, we arrived to the parc around 1pm but couldn't go into the villa till 3pm. The MR was eager to go swimming but I wasn't feeling up to it as I was still recovery from being sick.

Anyways with much persuasion I changed into my swimsuit and enjoyed myself. The day was so hot I decided to try something I never do..... wear a skirt without tights. Any one who knows me knows I am not one for showing my legs. I had a bad accident on my leg about 10years ago and have since then been very Concious of the scar on my leg. But I am glad I did it as I noticed I have a nice pair of legs if I may say so myself.

I was really proud of myself wearing this mini skirt in public without tights and not caring what anyone thought.

Through out the week, the weather stayed warm and beautiful. Our villa was nicely located close to the shops, restaurant and amenities.

We had lil forest friends pay us a visit. There was squires, rabbits, swans and ducks.

The best thing for me was the Aqua Sana. There is about 15-20 different saunas within one building, a massive swimming pool with jacuzzi, showers with different pressure and smells (mint, tropical, rain...) & water beds to relax or sleep as some people were doing.

Overall I enjoyed my holiday, The food was great, the atmosphere was wonderful and most of the staffs were willing to chat with you and actually acted like they cared.

Would I go again? Definitely yes!!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Celebrating Love

Hello lovely people, hope you all had a fabulous week/weekend.

Well mine has been busy with a few assignments to hand in, work changing procedures and expecting everyone to just glide with the changes.

Anyways on Wednesday was my 2nd anniversary with my lovely MR(smiling like a child with candy). We couldn't celebrate as it was a weekday and I've got uni and work and don't get home till 10.30pm. So we decided to celebrate on Saturday.

I was given the task of picking a restaurant and making the booking. The MR has always done all the bookings/arrangements for everything we do.

Anyways I finally made the booking on Wednesday for Saturday for Ask Italian Restaurant. We went in and noticed a new manager who seemed like the nice but no nonsense kind. We ordered our food, and I noticed my starter never comes out the same way. I spoke to the waitress about it and she said they are still trying out new things and it could change again.

We had a great table, good food and most of all had ourselves to ourselves. I am grateful to have a wonderful man who loves me in my high and low days, loves me for me and always respect my decisions( well he still tells me off when am being silly).

I remember I use to have a list of what I wanted in a guy till I met the MR and found out, a man might have all these qualities but if he isn't a good man at heart and doesn't love me for me, my list is useless.

I know I didn't blog about this as I wasn't sure if it was news worthy but I think it is news worthy. On Christmas day, I was presented with a promise ring and I accepted it(whoop whoop). I was shocked at first but thought damn things are getting serious here!!! I am not engaged but engaged if you know what I mean(winking). He said to be patient the engagement ring shall come soon and I can't wait.

I am so happy to finally be with someone for all the right reasons.

Have a great Sunday and speak soon xx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

On The Road To HEALTHY

So during the Christmas period in fact from the first week of December I let myself go, in the sense that I eat any and almost everything and lived on Coca-cola and Pepsi.

I went home to my mum's for Christmas and with missing some good home cooking, yes I went in on all I could eat. I knew I would put on some weight so I wasn't even bothered until I noticed some clothes were a bit tight on me.

Overall I like the weight I put on but wasn't entirely happy with the distribution of fat. I noticed most of my fat was in my tummy area and my face which is not flattering at all.

From the first week of March I decided to be healthy by cutting my sugar intake, drink more water and eat in proportions. I am not one for the calorie counting, I believe in eating in proportion, drink enough water and don't totally cut off sweets just have them in moderation.

On my path to loosing a tad bit of weight and staying healthy I try and incorporate some fruits and vegs and must I say I have started noticing some difference.

I went to my doctors and checked my weight. I currently weigh 73kg (11st 6.9lb) and before Christmas I weighed 70kg (11st 0.3lb). My BMI is 26, my doctor says its fine as I am not far from what I should be which is 25.

My intended or preferred weight is 68kg (10st 9.9lb). I will be checking my progress every month. I know loosing weight is a challenge but most of all I want to be happy with the way my body looks and feels. If I feel healthy and I am in shape I am happy.

Anyone on the road to HEALTHY? What's keeping you focus on reaching your goal? And any advise??

Speak soon xx

I won a Giveaway!!

Hey lovely people!!!

This is my first ever giveaway I've won. I never really enter giveaways as I think 'what's the possibility that lil ole me will win' not a great attitude I must say.

But I entered Abigael's ( giveaway in January and was delighted to be told I WON!!!

The prize included a set of Beyu nail polish, two nail files and an Asa cd. Anyone who hasn't heard of Asa please google the name, her music is uplifting.

I have never tried a crackle nail polish before and was delighted to find out the nail polish set was a nude polish with a black crackle polish. I guess this is an introduction to the crackle polishes I would be trying soon.

Thanks Abigael for picking me, I really do appreciate it.

My laptop has been broken for a while now, I can only blog through my phone which means I can only have all my pictures at the end as the post because that's how it would upload.

Anyways hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Speak soon xx