Friday, 22 June 2012

Keeping Busy

Hey lovely people, hope everyone is doing fine.

Some of you may know I just completed my final year dissertation and exams. Waiting on my results hasn't been fun at all.

So I found out dissertation results are out but I can't get my results!! (ridiculous, sad face) called the department that should have my result but was directed to my supervisor who I haven't been able to get a hold of.

To keep myself sane and busy, apart from applying for a better full time job, I decided to look for a possible graduation outfit.

When I choose outfits, am all for comfort, simplicity but remaining CHIC at the same time. I want a nice dress paired with some cute wedges, as I would be on my feet a good few hours.

Graduation outfit
 When I decided to look for a graduation outfit, I wanted something CLASSIC not trendy as I don't want to look at my grad pictures in 20 years and and say 'WHAT WAS I THINKING'

I choose this cute red dress for the pop of colour but still remaining classic with the cute wedges for comfort paired with the cute stud earrings.

Anyone who lives in Northwest England (Liverpool), knows the weather is nothing to write home about, even when its meant to be summer with the beautiful sun out shinning bright, we get cloudy sky, rain and wind.

So I opted for the simple black jacket just in case we get a gloomy weather on grad day paired with a black clutch.

This is only a representation of what I  intend to wear for my graduation ceremony.

For my fellow 2012 graduates, first CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! and how do you intend to celebrate. Am going London, my Mum is adamant about putting a lil party for me, cant say no, so I would be celebrationg the next day with friends and family.

Stay blessed and beautiful!!!

Speak soon xxx


  1. Love the outfit you put together! So classy and chic.

    By the way, heeless shoes aren't that difficult to walk in. I just suggest a pair by Jeffrey Campbell because they are super sturdy!

    1. Thanks, will look into investing in one pair,