Monday, 11 June 2012

Been treating myself!!!

Hey lovely people, hope you had a great weekend.

So I have been busy just doing me....

So I decided to treat myself a little more than I would usually do, a little more wouldn't hurt, well it hasn't yet.

As summer approaches, I decided to jump on the colour block wagon, well I haven't been feeling really colourful with my outfits as the weather here is most of the time cloudy, rainy and raining.

I am a SHOPALOHLIC!!! I admit it!!!! and my weakness is SHOES!!! a girl can neve have too many shoes. (what is/are your guilty pleasures)

These are a few the colour popping items I picked up

I saw these babies and thought 'I am having you both', 

Then I saw the red studded flats, which cam in various colours, but the MR preferred the red one so I grabbed it.

And these jeans... wat can I say.... I am injecting colour into my wardrobe.

I treated myself to a few pairs of shoes (went shoe crazy) which I would be sharing once I have them delivered.

Think I have done enough shopping to last a long time, but as a girl that likes to shop I can't help myself, I am looking for cute statement jewelries to add to my collection.

What items are you loving for spring/summer season.


  1. Yes we could all use a pop of color. I need to step away from the basic black.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, am stepping away from my usually blue myself