Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brown Mustard

Hey lovely people. I am back with another post. Can't believe I am posting another blog within 24hrs of my last post.

I went to see a friend (harriet) yesterday I hadn't seen in a while. I was meant to go on Sunday but with travelling, I lost track of time and thought Saturday was Sunday and was ready to go on Saturday instead.

We met in town, went food shopping then went into Debenhams to get a dress Harriet kept on hold. Whilst in the store, some lady walked up to me and asked where I got my hair from (I have never been approached about my hair before), told her where I got my hair from and she thought it was the normal weave you get from the beauty store.

Anyways I just wanted to share what I wore. I have been loving the colours mustard, brown, cream and beige for a while now.

This is the outfit I wore to go see my friend, took my blazer as the weather is now a bit chilly.


  1. you look really beautiful love the hair!

    1. Thanks Chenai, you are beautiful too!!!

  2. the hair is pretty, fits your face real well..just found your blog via another. Stay blessed always.

  3. Thanks Destiny for the compliment and for following me, I will check you out x

  4. Cute look! LOVE that mustard sweater!!!