Saturday, 10 March 2012

On The Road To HEALTHY

So during the Christmas period in fact from the first week of December I let myself go, in the sense that I eat any and almost everything and lived on Coca-cola and Pepsi.

I went home to my mum's for Christmas and with missing some good home cooking, yes I went in on all I could eat. I knew I would put on some weight so I wasn't even bothered until I noticed some clothes were a bit tight on me.

Overall I like the weight I put on but wasn't entirely happy with the distribution of fat. I noticed most of my fat was in my tummy area and my face which is not flattering at all.

From the first week of March I decided to be healthy by cutting my sugar intake, drink more water and eat in proportions. I am not one for the calorie counting, I believe in eating in proportion, drink enough water and don't totally cut off sweets just have them in moderation.

On my path to loosing a tad bit of weight and staying healthy I try and incorporate some fruits and vegs and must I say I have started noticing some difference.

I went to my doctors and checked my weight. I currently weigh 73kg (11st 6.9lb) and before Christmas I weighed 70kg (11st 0.3lb). My BMI is 26, my doctor says its fine as I am not far from what I should be which is 25.

My intended or preferred weight is 68kg (10st 9.9lb). I will be checking my progress every month. I know loosing weight is a challenge but most of all I want to be happy with the way my body looks and feels. If I feel healthy and I am in shape I am happy.

Anyone on the road to HEALTHY? What's keeping you focus on reaching your goal? And any advise??

Speak soon xx


  1. so nic blog:) great photos:)
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    1. Thank you, I will check your blog out