Saturday, 10 March 2012

I won a Giveaway!!

Hey lovely people!!!

This is my first ever giveaway I've won. I never really enter giveaways as I think 'what's the possibility that lil ole me will win' not a great attitude I must say.

But I entered Abigael's ( giveaway in January and was delighted to be told I WON!!!

The prize included a set of Beyu nail polish, two nail files and an Asa cd. Anyone who hasn't heard of Asa please google the name, her music is uplifting.

I have never tried a crackle nail polish before and was delighted to find out the nail polish set was a nude polish with a black crackle polish. I guess this is an introduction to the crackle polishes I would be trying soon.

Thanks Abigael for picking me, I really do appreciate it.

My laptop has been broken for a while now, I can only blog through my phone which means I can only have all my pictures at the end as the post because that's how it would upload.

Anyways hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Speak soon xx