Sunday, 18 March 2012

Celebrating Love

Hello lovely people, hope you all had a fabulous week/weekend.

Well mine has been busy with a few assignments to hand in, work changing procedures and expecting everyone to just glide with the changes.

Anyways on Wednesday was my 2nd anniversary with my lovely MR(smiling like a child with candy). We couldn't celebrate as it was a weekday and I've got uni and work and don't get home till 10.30pm. So we decided to celebrate on Saturday.

I was given the task of picking a restaurant and making the booking. The MR has always done all the bookings/arrangements for everything we do.

Anyways I finally made the booking on Wednesday for Saturday for Ask Italian Restaurant. We went in and noticed a new manager who seemed like the nice but no nonsense kind. We ordered our food, and I noticed my starter never comes out the same way. I spoke to the waitress about it and she said they are still trying out new things and it could change again.

We had a great table, good food and most of all had ourselves to ourselves. I am grateful to have a wonderful man who loves me in my high and low days, loves me for me and always respect my decisions( well he still tells me off when am being silly).

I remember I use to have a list of what I wanted in a guy till I met the MR and found out, a man might have all these qualities but if he isn't a good man at heart and doesn't love me for me, my list is useless.

I know I didn't blog about this as I wasn't sure if it was news worthy but I think it is news worthy. On Christmas day, I was presented with a promise ring and I accepted it(whoop whoop). I was shocked at first but thought damn things are getting serious here!!! I am not engaged but engaged if you know what I mean(winking). He said to be patient the engagement ring shall come soon and I can't wait.

I am so happy to finally be with someone for all the right reasons.

Have a great Sunday and speak soon xx

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  1. very sweet!

    Love comes from the most unexpected places and glad to always hear when ladies put away the "list".

    Keep blogging and lets know when you get the ring ring!!