Saturday, 25 February 2012

Birthday Dinner

Hello lovelies, hope everyone is doing good. Thought I share my lovely experience with you.

As it was my birthday on Wednesday, I was treated to a lovely dinner by my wonderful MR.

We went to the Gusto Restaurant in the Albert dock. The atmosphere of the restaurant was great and we were sat in the corner, I don't like to be sat in middle of any restaurant especially busy ones, it's hard to make a conversation without shouting over the table.

The meals were really nice, in fact they tasted better than we expected, at the end of meal I ordered a hot chocolate brownie and it came with a candle on top, the 2 staff that brought the dessert started singing happy birthday to me and half the restaurant joined in, I wasn't expecting it, made my night.

Overall I had a wonderful time, it wasn't just a night out to celebrate my birthday but it was also our dinner date night. As we are both busy Mondays to Fridays, we only have Saturdays and Sunday's to do our bonding sessions.