Saturday, 31 December 2011

My New Year's Resolutions

As the new year starts tomorrow so will I start new things. Every year I come up with resolutions but never really work towards achieving them. But this time around I am determined to change that circle. Resolutions are basically things we want to achieve. I have made a list of the main things I would like to change or improve on and I do intend to make them happen. 

1. Renew my faith
I have been lacking in my faith and not going to church, I hope to find a good church and rekindle my spirit. 

2. Be sociable
I am a quiet and keep to myself kinda girl. Loads of times i get invited to events, parties or just a social gathering but I would find a reason at the last minute not to go. So for the new year this would be changing. 

3. Career

I graduate next year!!! Woop Wooop to me!!! I need to start looking for a job that relates to what I want to do. Am majoring in Accountancy and Human Resources, I am not one to settle for one option as I like to be flexible in the workplace. 

4. Enjoy my leisure time 

I am just happy to be in house watching tv or movies all weekend. There are things I like to do in my spare time but I guess am just lazy to do anything. If you are wondering so what do I like to do? I like to make sew, I bought a sewing machine last summer but only used a handful of times. I like to make lil things like earrings, necklaces, bangles etc. I like to bake. And I like to do hair. 

I also enjoy bowling and going to the movies, which I haven't done in a while. 

I am sure there are loads of people who have resolutions but I think the key is keeping it clean and simple, creating a list of 50 things might be unrealistic why not start with 3,5 or even 10 things to work on. Well I hope we all start the new year with positivity and remember faith without work is useless. Have faith in what you want and work towards achieving it. Have a blessed NEW YEAR!!!!

Speak soon xx

Friday, 23 December 2011

Simple, Cute & Comfy

So who isn’t excited about Christmas yet? Well I am super duper excited yahhhh!!!!. Normally on Christmas day, we spend the day in, as there isn’t any public transport to go anywhere. We spend the day opening gifts, eating and lounging around watching movies. On this special day my outfits are usually simple and comfy. I have put together 2 outfit ideas I will be choosing from.

This is one simple outfit with a slouchy jumper and coloured shorts paired with tights. Even though it’s casual I still want some pop of colour hence the shorts, so even though I will be lounging around munching away I will still look cute and of all things be comfy.

This is my other option featuring a jumper, skinny jeans and socks yes i said socks. I am always cold so I wear sock almost all year round please don’t laugh at me. I have paired this outfit with a simple stud earring.

Hope everyone has a wonderful CHRISTMAS!!!
Speak soon xx

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Intimate Get Together

It was my friend’s (Harriet) birthday celebration on Saturday. It was an intimate affair with only close friends and family present. I arrived around midday to help with cooking which went well. The whole day was interesting, her mum made us say things about Harriet and some people had interesting things to say. I also met a lady who makes YouTube videos and we had a lot to chat about (especially her stalker). I am an early bird and am usually in bed by 10pm but I was out till 1am. This might be early to go home for some people but I was missing my bed. All in all, it was nice spending time with Harriet and meeting new people.

If you wondering what option i decided to with from my last post, I went with option 1, I didn't take any nice full pictures of myself.

Speak soon xx

Friday, 16 December 2011


I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow and knowing myself I never know know what to wear. I tend to change my mind alot. So this time around I decided to select 2 outfit to choose from.


             French Sole, Topshop, Stella Forest

This outfit has my two favourite lovings for this season. The leopard print and the colour RED. I have paired this outfit with a simple gold bracelet as I like to keep things simple and sweet.


                  Carlos by Carlos Santana, Topshop

For this second outfit, I have opted for a simple black dress with 1/3 sleeves to keep me warm as its freezing down here in the north. I have paired this dress with a leopard heels and a cute gold bracelet.

Lets see which outfit I go, hope I stick to either of these outfits. 

speak soon xx 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Ideas

Yeah its Christmas next week, woop woop!!!. With loads of Christmas parties cropping up, I’ve decided to put together some outfits and colours I am loving for this season.


I am suddenly loving sequin dresses. I like the way the sparkles, glitters, sequin...  illuminates, making a girl feel like a million dollars without looking trashy, well that depends on how you wear it. I would pair this dress with a classic black pump making the dress the focal point. (TFNC SEQUIN DRESS)


Animal prints are just classic. This blouse features a bowtie which transforms just it from just a blouse to a CHIC blouse. I like that it can be worn on a casual day with a pair of skinny jeans with flats (day) or heels (at night). For a party look just throw on a cute bodycon skirt or a flared mini skirt and you ready to go, don’t forget the shoes.


RED, YES RED. I love the colour red whether Christmas or not. I wear red all year round. Every girl should own one pair of a red shoe. A red shoe transforms a simple outfit. I would pair this with a simple black dress, can be paired with an animal print outfit or even a pair of jeans with some cute top would be fine.

Hope you find that outfit for yourself, enjoy!! 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


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