Friday, 23 December 2011

Simple, Cute & Comfy

So who isn’t excited about Christmas yet? Well I am super duper excited yahhhh!!!!. Normally on Christmas day, we spend the day in, as there isn’t any public transport to go anywhere. We spend the day opening gifts, eating and lounging around watching movies. On this special day my outfits are usually simple and comfy. I have put together 2 outfit ideas I will be choosing from.

This is one simple outfit with a slouchy jumper and coloured shorts paired with tights. Even though it’s casual I still want some pop of colour hence the shorts, so even though I will be lounging around munching away I will still look cute and of all things be comfy.

This is my other option featuring a jumper, skinny jeans and socks yes i said socks. I am always cold so I wear sock almost all year round please don’t laugh at me. I have paired this outfit with a simple stud earring.

Hope everyone has a wonderful CHRISTMAS!!!
Speak soon xx

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