Monday, 11 March 2013

Spring Ready? Almost..

Hey hey, hope you doing good and the weather is treating you nice where ever you are. It's still chilly here but I'm getting ready for spring. I'm looking forward to bright colours especially yellow and pink.

My style has always been simple, kinda classic. I have never been the type to experiment with bright colour pallet combination. My staple wardrobe colours are Blue(mostly), white, red, black and brown.

This year, I have decided to jump into colour and I've been searching for pieces to brighten my wardrobe.

As a shopperholic and a bargain hunter, I have been living on the Internet searching for pieces I like.

I fell in love with this Charlotte Olympia lookalike heels I found on

Then in my search for cute blazers, I saw this jacket on F&F Clothing's website, I knew it had to come home to me(lol I don't intend wearing an all yellow outfit).

This here.... Can you tell I was felling myself when I tried them on? This is the Justfab Turin wedges. I've noticed Justfab US gets the new items first then the UK gets them a month or 2 after. When I first noticed them in Lime, I wasn't too thrilled to get them and noticed everyone seemed to own the lime pair. This wedge was in my Justfab March showroom, saw it came in coral and I had to snap it real 

This was my bonus buy as my 'A little dressed up' everyday flats. There are days I can't be bothered with wearing heels which of late seems to be most times. 

What are your current spring/summer favourites? Or what are you looking forward to this coming season? Know of any deals that might interest me and other bargain hunters, spill the beans. 

Speak soon xx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Like 1 buy all

I have an habit when I shop, which is when I like something I tend to buy all the colours of that thing I like.

I try really hard to stop this and buy different things/different colours, not same things/different colours.

What is your shopping habit?

**Bought the bags from aliexpress**

**The shoes/boots are from** (Bought the lime & pink heels, red boots, intending to get the other colours but the boots are not nice on me, I've got skinny ankles and they just look massive on me)

A Quarter of A Century Old

Yeah!!! It was my birthday yesterday and I turned 25!!! Lawd I'm getting old, I think I/everyone says that every year.

Any ways, I wanted to celebrate quietly as I just wanted something different, nothing too fancy.

Knew my Mr would be planning something, told him I didn't want nothing fancy and wouldn't mind going bowling instead.

He intended to take me to BamBrazil, we got there around 2ish and it was packed, I didn't understand how it was packed like that on a Friday!!! Turns out its half term, kids are off school and families are out. The waitress was a bit.... not sure what the word is I'm looking for but she just said, is it just you two, oh sorry there are no tables available and walked off, I was like really!!! What happened to - Sorry we are busy, next table won't be available for another 30 to 50mins??? And we decide if we want to wait or leave. She definitely gave no option but to leave. The Mr already said he isn't going back there, can't be dealing with rude, probably untrained staff.

We decided to go to VivaBrazil, I thought there were a sister restaurant but there are two different restaurant with very similar ideas.

I'm not much a drinker, tend always go for a lemonade or Smirnoff, decided to let my hair loose a bit and ordered a PiƱa colada, only because the ingredient seemed sweet. I was expecting it to come in some fancy glass, nah it came...... Check the picture, I was surprised myself.

I did enjoy myself, got home full, didn't even snack on nothing the whole evening.

Looking forward to what Mr has planned for today!!

Have you been to BamBrazil or VivaBrazil, what are you thoughts, would you go again?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!!


I know, I know... I'm well late....... I can explain. 

It's been like forever since I last posted any thing on my blog, I have been sick on and off and I'm actually off work now sick.

Anyways, thought an update of some kind was in other, I am currently down with Vertigo which isn't a fun experience. 

Whilst I'm house bound, I'm doing what I do best, watch youtube, tv and SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!!!

I have taken my time at home to window shop online but ended up buying a few things. Will try do a haul if I'm able to. 

I was looking through my pictures and notice some difference in my weight, I added a little weight last summer but didn't know how bad it was even though number wise, it isn't massive, my weight mainly tends to travel to my face, tummy and arms!!!

I promise to try and atleast update my blog more frequently as I start to feel a bit better.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Keeping Busy

Hey lovely people, hope everyone is doing fine.

Some of you may know I just completed my final year dissertation and exams. Waiting on my results hasn't been fun at all.

So I found out dissertation results are out but I can't get my results!! (ridiculous, sad face) called the department that should have my result but was directed to my supervisor who I haven't been able to get a hold of.

To keep myself sane and busy, apart from applying for a better full time job, I decided to look for a possible graduation outfit.

When I choose outfits, am all for comfort, simplicity but remaining CHIC at the same time. I want a nice dress paired with some cute wedges, as I would be on my feet a good few hours.

Graduation outfit
 When I decided to look for a graduation outfit, I wanted something CLASSIC not trendy as I don't want to look at my grad pictures in 20 years and and say 'WHAT WAS I THINKING'

I choose this cute red dress for the pop of colour but still remaining classic with the cute wedges for comfort paired with the cute stud earrings.

Anyone who lives in Northwest England (Liverpool), knows the weather is nothing to write home about, even when its meant to be summer with the beautiful sun out shinning bright, we get cloudy sky, rain and wind.

So I opted for the simple black jacket just in case we get a gloomy weather on grad day paired with a black clutch.

This is only a representation of what I  intend to wear for my graduation ceremony.

For my fellow 2012 graduates, first CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! and how do you intend to celebrate. Am going London, my Mum is adamant about putting a lil party for me, cant say no, so I would be celebrationg the next day with friends and family.

Stay blessed and beautiful!!!

Speak soon xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Been treating myself!!!

Hey lovely people, hope you had a great weekend.

So I have been busy just doing me....

So I decided to treat myself a little more than I would usually do, a little more wouldn't hurt, well it hasn't yet.

As summer approaches, I decided to jump on the colour block wagon, well I haven't been feeling really colourful with my outfits as the weather here is most of the time cloudy, rainy and raining.

I am a SHOPALOHLIC!!! I admit it!!!! and my weakness is SHOES!!! a girl can neve have too many shoes. (what is/are your guilty pleasures)

These are a few the colour popping items I picked up

I saw these babies and thought 'I am having you both', 

Then I saw the red studded flats, which cam in various colours, but the MR preferred the red one so I grabbed it.

And these jeans... wat can I say.... I am injecting colour into my wardrobe.

I treated myself to a few pairs of shoes (went shoe crazy) which I would be sharing once I have them delivered.

Think I have done enough shopping to last a long time, but as a girl that likes to shop I can't help myself, I am looking for cute statement jewelries to add to my collection.

What items are you loving for spring/summer season.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Loving... (1)

Hey lovely people, hope you all are having a great weekend so far.

I thought I start a lil series showing things am loving, which can range from cosmetics, clothes, shoes and even books.

The last two months I've been reaching for the same lipgloss and lipstick. When it comes to glosses and lipstick, I prefer pinks and neutral (more of my lip colour).

The lipgloss is Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Snog from Superdrug. It's a nice mauvey pink, it's the colour of my lips but with a tad bit of pink to it. I wear it when am not sure what colour to choose from my ever growing collection.

My other loving is Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Celeb. My Mr's mum had a rimmel lipstick and I wanted it but ended up buying the wrong colour. I ordered it online when it arrived I thought I was going crazy cos the colour was different but ended up loving the colour on me. it's very moisturising and pigmented, I've got dry lips so I can't be dealing with matt lipsticks.

In fact the combination of both is just perfect for everyday wear and on a night out.

I have also been loving the mineral blush from Mary Kay in Cinnamon Stick.

For everyday I prefer a nice rosey natural blush and the Cinnamon Stick gives me that natural blush to me cheeks.

Please forgive all my pictures being at the end and not mixed within my rambling.

Please hit me up if there's anything you think I should try out.

Speak soon xxx